Giving Back

NFP Film003.tif.r300I believe in trying to make the world a better place. I started my clothing line because I want to help nursing mothers feel comfortable and beautiful while breastfeeding, but I’d like to do my part to help all mothers and children in our communities thrive. So to do my part, I’m partnering with a non-profit whose work I admire — Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP). I want to bring attention to the important, life-changing work that they do in the hope that you’ll want to support them, too. And I’m truly happy to be able to donate 3% of my profits this year to support their mission.

Being a mom is often hard work, but being a young mom without resources or support can feel overwhelming, which is why the work of Nurse-Family Partnership is so important. They provide at-risk young moms with support from caring maternal and child health nurses. The nurses visit low-income, first-time moms in their homes and provide crucial support and information. The nurses truly get to know the young women and act as caring, trusted advisors from pregnancy through the first two years of the child’s life.

Watch this short video about how the bond between mother and nurse helps everyone thrive. The impact crosses generations.

Amazing, right? This is an organization whose work I admire tremendously. Nurse-Family Partnership fosters long-term success for first-time moms, their babies and society. And they have extensive research to prove it. Check out the numbers below about how the nurse-mother relationship improves families’ lives.

Improved Child Health and Development:

  • 39% fewer injuries among children
  • 56% reduction in emergency room visits for accidents and poisonings
  • 48% reduction in child abuse and neglect
  • 59% reduction in child arrests at age 15

Increase in children’s school readiness:

  • 50% reduction in language delays of child age 21 months; 67% reduction in behavioral/intellectual problems at age six

Improved Pregnancy Outcomes:

  • 79% reduction in preterm delivery for women who smoke, and reductions in high-risk pregnancies as a result of greater intervals between first and subsequent births

Increased Economic Self-Sufficiency for Mothers:

  • 82% increase in months employed

I am so happy to be able to support the mission of Nurse-Family Partnership, and I hope you’ll help spread the word about them, too.