Alison Britt unites the pleasure of beautiful, well-made clothing with a commitment to social responsibility. As the antithesis of what is fast and disposable, Alison Britt is slow clothing: Made with care, it’s a testament to local talents. Expertly sewn in North Carolina in soft, sustainable bamboo modal, her pieces are timeless classics that will help mothers feel beautiful when they care for their babies. Alison Britt’s innovative, practical design allows mothers to relax and look beautiful wherever they choose to breastfeed.

“After having three children I realized women needed stylish, elegant, every day clothing—for maternity as well as nursing. Nothing out there fit the bill, so I decided to design a new line of fashion wear that does the trick. Beautifully.”

be a mom.  be beautiful.

Our slogan stems from our deep respect for every woman taking on the journey of motherhood.  Being a mom is one of life’s most beautiful gifts, and it is also one of the most demanding and challenging journeys.  We designed these pieces as moms, for moms.  That’s why our pieces are:

  • beautiful
  • functional
  • easy to wear
  • stylish
  • cut from quality material
  • soft against the skin, for mother and baby alike

Features and Construction




Opportunity Threads, North Carolina


Prototyping and Design

APaDS, South Carolina